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Leakster has developed the hardware and software to provide a ground-breaking water distribution condition monitoring solution that detects, classifies, and pin-points water distribution pipeline leaks - enabling water utilities to make more efficient asset management decisions.

The Problem

And Leakster's Solution

Failing water pipes are an economic and environmental disaster

The availability of clean and affordable water for everyone on the planet is becoming a major challenge. It is reported that by 2050 at least one in four people will be affected by water stress and severe water shortages.   According to the International Water Association, water loss from pipe bursts, leaks and water theft accounts for 25% to 50% per cent of the total supply and in emerging markets it goes up to 75%.  Fixing the problem could provide water for 90 million people without requiring one drop of additional water.

However what can be done?

Given water assets are often underground, it is difficult for water utilities (the operators of water distribution infrastructure) to know the condition of their assets, particularly where leaks exist, and the size of these leaks until the water becomes visible on the surface.  Often, before the leaking water becomes visible, the leak turns into large pipe rupture causing further water loss and damage to property and the environment. How can utilities determine the condition of their pipelines before leaks appear when these assets are underground?

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Leakster's technology provides active condition monitoring of pipelines

At Leakster it is our mission to address this problem, by assisting water utilities to understand the condition of their assets before it becomes a problem.  We have developed and are trialing a ground-breaking technology that uses active sensing to point-point the location of pipeline leaks, determine the size of the leak, and provide blockage, pressure and flow data to predictively identify high risk areas of the network.  The ACTIVE sensor data, combined with signal processing and the use of Artificial Intelligence enables us to provide superior condition insights. 

Our Technology

We continuously monitor the integrity of pipeline infrastructure detecting leaks that would not otherwise be detected, velocity, pressure and blockages.  This helps utilities make informed asset management and maintenance decisions.

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The hardware

Leakster's patented ACTIVE sensor is fitted on a pipe with no need to shut-off water supply.  The sensor sends a signal, actively monitors the condition of the pipe, collects data and and remotely communicates this information into the cloud.

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The software

Our software operates on a cloud based big data analytics platform which allows for hundreds of thousands of data points to be captured and stored in dynamic databases. We have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithm that uses the data collected from the sensor to identify the location of any leak in the network, determines how much water is being lost, whether any blockages exist, monitors the velocity and pressure, and will provide predictive analytics to determine segments of pipeline at risk of failure. 

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The outcome

Our user interface (under development) displays identified leaks within the network and gives the user the coordinates of each leak.  The size and type of leak is also displayed - giving utilities information on the highest priority leak.  Pressure, blockage and velocity information between sensors is also shown.  The user can click on a segment of pipe being monitored and understand the future risk of failure. 


Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

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