Digital transformation of water networks.

remote accoustic Leak detection for water utilities.

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Use real-time leak detection and reduce reactive maintenance work by 70%.

Product Features

Leakster has developed the hardware and software to provide a ground-breaking water distribution condition monitoring solution that detects and pin-points water distribution pipeline leaks - enabling water utilities to make more efficient asset management decisions.

Cloud Based

Remote leak detection without the need for an experience operator, with cloud-based correlation. Acoustic signals are tested to see if the noise is in fact a leak before it is correlated, reducing false positives and negatives.

GIS, GPS & API Integrations

GIS integration allows for more accurate location information. View on a real-time cloud platform, sent through an API integration, or  using automatic email outs. GPS integration allows for information to be viewed remotely at any time.

Scalable Design

Our modular approach allows for removable, semi-permanent and permanent deployment. Deploy one or deploy at scale, depending on the challenge you are trying to solve.

Deployment Options

Our solutions are designed to make leak detection easier, more efficient, and more productive for utilities of any size.


Temporary Deployment

  • Point to point cloud based correlation connected via a standpipe (above ground)
  • Effective for plastic pipes, long distances and those hard to find leaks
Cloud connected
AI Connected
GIS Integrated


Semi-permanent Deployment

  • Magnetically coupled sensor to hydrant below ground
  • Scalable depending on needs
  • Deploy for up to 12 months
  • Multi-point, multi-sensor correlation
  • Best for deploying multiple units for DMA or suburb level surveys to track how an area is changing over time.
Cloud connected
AI Connected
GIS Integrated


Permanent Deployment

  • Hydrophone-based correlation for long range capabilities
  • 5-year deployment
  • Best ROI
Cloud connected
AI Connected
GIS Integrated

Australian-made technology built for Australian infrastructure.


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